Kielder Sports clay shoot
, is situated in the beautiful rural Northumberland.

The 50 bird sporting layout is spread over 5 stands and is varied as much as the geography of the site will allow, At each shoot we take pride in the fact that we change the layout and try to provide an interesting and different challenge every month. We provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere and cater for all abilities.

Kielder Sports Clay Pigeon Club Rules


  1. All members of Kielder Sports Clay Pigeon Club must hold a current Shotgun certificate, the number and expiry date of which will be submitted to the Club. Prospective members with no licence may shoot accompanied by a Club official.
  2. New members of Kielder Sports Clay Pigeon Club shall have an induction to clarify Club Rules, regulations and to assess their individual competency. The induction will be completed by a nominated Club official.
  3. Safety is the responsibility of all Club members. Please be aware and act with due care and consideration. If necessary, remind others around you if they disregard the Club Rules.
  4. Only standard manufactured cartridges of a fibre wad construction will be used. Shotguns must be safe and in proof.
  5. On the sound of a siren all shooting will stop and shotguns unloaded. Shooting may recommence when another signal indicates that the ground is clear.
  6. Shotguns must only be loaded after taking the stand.
  7. Head and eye protection is advised when shooting. Ear protection is compulsory. The Club shall not be liable for any injuries caused as a result of not wearing the advised safety gear.
  8. Caution must be taken when loading traps.
  9. It is recommended that shotguns are carried in slips between stands.
  10. Shooting must not be undertaken when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. Any dogs on the shoot site must be kept on a lead at all times except if in a secure area in a vehicle. Minors must be adequately supervised at all times.
  12. If a misfire should occur, point the gun in the direction of shooting for a minimum of 20 seconds before opening the gun.
  13. All Guns will only shoot the allocated number of clays. Any deviation from this will result in expulsion from the Club.
  14. A maximum of two cartridges may be loaded into any form of shotgun.
  15. Spent cartridges must be cleared before leaving the stand. Allow time for semi-auto users.
  16. All parking is at owner’s risk.

Kielder Sports